James Hawkins

James Hawkins Cycling Sheffield

James Hawkins


Where do you live:

How did you get into cycling:
I became obsessed after watching the tour when I was about 6 and then got into cycle speedway at age 9. From there I progressed onto the road and then went from there.

Earliest cycling memory:
Probably riding round Ladybower Reservoir when I was really little, but my first memory of racing my road bike was getting lapped multiple times after accidentally entering the age category above at my first circuit race at Forge Valley in Sheffield.

Favourite training route:
Living on the edge of the Peak District means having one favourite route is definitely tricky, but I do like riding out to the Goyt Valley via Mam Nick and then doing some of the mega roads round there that take you to Bakewell and beyond.

Favourite film:
The Blues Brothers.

Favourite music:
My playlist is a bit all over the shop but my go to is usually soul music.

“Must do” pre race ritual:
Have two pairs of socks on. One pair is thinner than the other pair, but the thicker pair aren’t super wooly socks. Not lucky socks or anything like that because I’m not superstitious, but just two pairs of socks.

World Tour race you’d most like to ride:
I usually listen to my pre race playlist but apart from that I just do whatever suits on the day.

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