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March 1992

Where do you live

Aims for 2019
This year I want to continue to progress further as a rider in training and race experience with the main goal of being able to compete for top 10 placings in the Nat A series. Along the way it would be great to pick up some more national B road race wins, perhaps the regionals after finishing second twice there now! I aim to improve my time trailing and keep working on my sprint whilst never neglecting my main attribute – climbing. To broaden the number of races I’m able to perform well in whilst being able to go into the ones that suit me with greater confidence.

Interests Away From Cycling
Anything outdoors, one of the reasons why I love cycling so much. Seeing new places, great scenery or places of historical importance. Big interest in sports science, physiology and strength and conditioning so often reading up and researching this. Also enjoy reading and films.

Favourite Film
Hard to say as my opinion on this seems to always be changing, watched V for Vendetta at least 3 times in the last year… and Connor McGregor documentary twice just recently. Anything thought provoking or inspirational…

Favourite Race
Ryedale GP for a general race. The setting is great and I like the way the race builds towards the finish after switching to the shorter laps. The field gets whittled down from behind whilst simultaneously select groups also go forward so you always need to be aware. You can put together everything you have worked towards from the season to aim for a result here. Hopefully this year I’ll be in the 1st group not the second and better my previous 15th and 16th place.

But my favourite specific race result would be at the John Ibbotson memorial RR where I won. A one hundred mile mid week race in 2017. It was two days after a 3 race block racing in Belgium and I didn’t think I would make it round but then after 80 miles my legs loosened off and everyone else was getting tired, finding myself up near the front involved again I ended up attacking with a couple of other guys. I held off to the finish for the win whilst they got swallowed back up by the bunch on the last drag.

Earliest Cycling Memory
Learning to ride my bike in Shipley park when young, can’t remember a lot but it has always stayed with me. Also watching my brother learn to ride a few years later then also riding up and down the bottom part of the hill on our road.

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