Joe Coukham

Joe Coukham


Where do you live:

How did you get into cycling:
I’ve always enjoyed riding my bike from a young and decided at the age of 12 i wanted to start racing and competing against other people.

Earliest cycling memory:
Riding a 12 mile ride on a MTB on the east coast when I was about 7.

Favourite training route:
Mallorca, the ride from Port De Pollenca to Sa Calobra and back. 62miles and some big hills.

Favourite film:
Skyfall, or pretty much any James Bond film.

Favourite music:
I don’t particularly have a favourite song but I do like songs from Post Malone. Songs such as “goodbyes” and “sunflower”

“Must do” pre race ritual:
Sitting down before and thinking positively about the race and visioning having success before warming up. Then lots of hydration before and on the day of the race too.

World Tour race you’d most like to ride:
Strada Bianche. I think it would suit me and the pictures from that race look really inspiring.

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