Bioracer Team Kit
Bioracer Team Kit

Mission: We make you faster!

We innovate, design, manufacture, promote and sell collection-team-individual-leisure wear to cyclists, triathletes, runners and ice skaters, maximising their performance. Winning is a state of mind, every inch prepared. Everybody who is passionate about his/her sports, is an athlete.

Vision: Man is the measure of all things.

Biodynamics (perfect symmetry, compression), aerodynamics (air resistance) and aquadynamics (waterproof, yet breathable) co-determine the speed and performance of the athlete. It is Bioracer’s DNA to innovate to improve the athlete’s performance.


Passion// we want to make a difference
Innovation// we set the trend and the norm
Service// customer happiness is the goal
Trust// buy a promise, pay for a product, delivered in time
Inclusiveness// it’s about us