James Wordsworth

James Wordsworth Cycling Sheffield

James Wordsworth


Where do you live:
Horsforth, Leeds.

How did you get into cycling:
My dad introduced me and my brother to cycling, supplementing East Bradford CC’s Saturday mornings at the Richard Dunn circuit with rides of increasing competitiveness around Leeds and into the Yorkshire Dales.

Earliest cycling memory:
Crashing head-on into a wall in my local park aged 6. Somehow it’s far more vivid than my first time riding without stabilisers.

Favourite training route:
Hawes and back via Wharfedale, Wensleydale and Langstrothdale with a north-westerly breeze.

Favourite film:
Fantastic Mr Fox.

Favourite music:
I’m quite changeable; I’m going through an Avicii phase at the minute.

“Must do” pre race ritual:
Spending too long to pin my numbers on. At least 3 pins per side, or doom!

World Tour race you’d most like to ride:
La Vuelta (a España).

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