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Max Krasinski Cycling Sheffield

Max Krasinski


Where do you live:

How did you get into cycling:
I have enjoyed cycling since I was very small and just enjoyed cruising through a local park on whatever bike I had at the time, trying to keep up with my dad, and at home watching the pros race the tour de France made me want to be like them.

Earliest cycling memory:
My earliest cycling memory was travelling to dalby forest to watch the pros race while attempting some of the trails and taking part in my first mini race on my tiny mountain bike.

Favourite training route:
I don’t have a favourite route, I just like riding my bike in the Peak District, I like riding anywhere that’s quiet and often uphill.

Favourite film:
I’m a star wars fan, so it has to be: The Empire Strikes Back.

Favourite music:
I enjoy most music so don’t really have any preferences but some Two Door Cinema Club is good for morale.

“Must do” pre race ritual:
Got to make sure I foam roller the hell out of my legs along with a proper long stretch helps my body feel good for the race and gets those nerves out.

World Tour race you’d most like to ride:
I’d love to race Paris Roubaix, I’ve been to watch it many times and it is just awesome. It looks like chaos from the side of the road but it would be awesome to just get stuck in there.

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