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Jack Hartkey


Where do you live:

How did you get into cycling:
My dad was into triathlons and would always ask if we (my brother and I) wanted to join him for a road ride. We always enjoyed ‘playing out’ or building jumps in the woods on our bmx/mountain bikes but the sense of exploration and fitness gains that came with the road riding are the two major things that got me into cycling. Initially I rode alongside my football and rugby commitments, but then at 16/17 I fully committed to cycling to explore my capabilities in racing and haven’t looked back since.

Earliest cycling memory:
Using an exposed tree root in the garden as a jump to land into a skid and tear up all the grass – much to mum’s frustration. All on a Raleigh Striker!!

Favourite training route:
The Rothbury – Elsdon – Cambo route from Newcastle.

Favourite film:
Rarely sit still long enough to watch a film but either Baby Driver or American Sniper.

Favourite music:
Music is just noise.

“Must do” pre race ritual:
Putting my helmet on flicks the switch in my head. Psychology init.

World Tour race you’d most like to ride:
UAE tour looks like it’d suit me, although i’d really like to ride Flanders.

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