Our team launch was an opportunity to share our plans for 2022, introduce our riders and say a huge thanks to our partners and supporters.

We also announced that we will be working with hosts The Sheffield Hallam University Advanced Well Being Research Centre. The SHU AWRC is situated right by the Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park and a short walk from Sheffield’s EIS in the Don Valley.

Sheffield has many innovative projects and facilities, and The AWRC is a example of the city’s forward thinking and willingness to embrace innovation for the benefit of our community and economy.

The AWRC is dedicated to improving health and well being through movement. It is an incredible and accessible asset to our community’s health.

The state of the art facilities are also available to athletes looking for those marginal gains in performance through in depth testing.

The physiology and morphology labs and the academic expertise offer next level testing.

We will making full use of these facilities and academic expertise helping our riders development.


Photo Olivia Coukham.