We have riders in both Yorkshire and the East Midlands regions.

Liam and Jake rode the Yorkshire champs, whilst Charlie and Joe rode the East Mids race.

The Yorkshire champs were held at Terrington near York. The course was pretty tough, with eight climbs of Bulmer bank and the rest of the course was constantly up and down.

A lead group of 19 riders formed early in the race. Jake knew this group was too big and attacked to split it. This saw Jake go clear with 4 riders, unfortunately Liam wasn’t one of them, his legs still a little heavy from racing in Belgium.

The lead five included Connor Swift of Madison, Joey Walker and Rob Scott of Wiggins along with David Shackleton.

The race unfolded as expected, with the Wiggins riders using their numerical advantage to allow Rob Scott to escape and take the victory.

Jake refused to ride for second place and chased the leader, but with little or no help from Connor who had used a lot of energy earlier trying to escape himself, and Shackleton content to ride for second place Jake finished 4th. He had ridden well, but when outnumbered it’s difficult to win. Liam finished 6th.


The East Mids in Leicestershire race saw a similar early big group get away.

Charlie made this group, but Joe didn’t. Joe was heavily marked and as the course didn’t offer any tough climbs on which he could attack and force a selection, it was impossible to get across to the lead group.

Charlie is on great form after Belgium and went on to finish 3rd. Charlie was a little disappointed not to win, but he was beaten by two more experienced sprinters.