With team size limited to 6 riders (UCI regs) not the usual 8 in BC National A series, the numbers were a little more in our favour than usual. Previous years have seen a break escape only to be reeled in or absorbed late in the race. So our plan was to take a chance on not going with an early move.

An early move did escape within the 1st 20km. The group reached a maximum lead of over 5 minutes. But we were confident the race wasn’t over. Joe, Liam and Jake began trying to get a chase group going. Eventually Jake escaped with a Madison rider and 2 OnePro riders. This looked good. The lead riders would be tiring and no doubt some of them could be caught.

Unfortunately there were some fresh legs in the now shrinking bunch, and riders joined Jake’s group in 2s and 3s until the group was too big for it to maintain its momentum and chase.  Charlie was not feeling great, but hung on and gained the experience that will help him next year.

Jake finished a frustrated 24th, Joe and Liam 36th and 52nd. The lads had ridden well, and are clearly in very good form,but the race didn’t go as predicted.

Thanks guys.

*photo credit velouk.net