The British Champs this year were in the north east, Croft fir the TT and Saltburn by the Sea for the RR.
We had George in the U23 TT, who did a great ride finishing 13th. George was just 7 seconds off the top 10, and 16 seconds off 8th place.

On to the road race with George and McKay, 189km over a 19km circuit. The course was relentlessly up and down, offering very little respite to the riders. The pace was very high, with Ineos and other world tour teams setting a blistering pace to force an early selection.After 50km a lead group had formed. George and McKay had not made this group, but McKay turned himself inside out to go across to it.This was impressive and illustrated just how strong McKay is this year.
Unfortunately the combination of that effort and the heat caused McKay to cramp after 130km. McKay had to stop, such was the severity of the cramp. A bit of massage from team helpers, jumping out of the team car, then McKay was able to rejoin the race and continue.
George pulled out a great ride, coming up to Mckay’s group, then going forward to finish 20th & 7th U23. McKay was 21st.