This was the 1st event in The BC HSBC Spring Cup National Series. We had reccyed the race route a week earlier and so knew what was in store..

We had 3 riders invovled or caught up in an big crash within the first 20km, which saw the officials neutralise the race for 10 minutes whilst teams attended to the numerous mechanical problems the crash had caused. None of our riders were seriously hurt, and after a few wheel changes they were back in the bunch.

The racing resumed and after lots of climbing and decending, this race was seriously lumpy, a select group of 30 riders headed to the town centre finish. Jake and Joe were looking good and we hoped they would be able to position themselves for what would be a sprint finish .At the 1km to go point some reckless riding caused a crash at 55kmp. Jake came down hard.

Thankfully Jake was not seriously hurt and was able to walk back to the waiting team car. Joe got a great result finishing 15th. But we all felt aggrieved at Jake’s misfortune as we sure Jake would have been right up there with Joe too. A mixed day would some this race up, a great start to the series for us, but should’ve come away with more, but thankfully Jake was relatively ok.

*photo credit velouk.