Stage 1 65km.

This stage was was very undulating, and although it was short, we expected the terrain to force a selection.

Joe and Jake attacked and got away from the bunch early, but Jake was quickly struggling and couldn’t work. It turned out his hayfever had flared up. Jake had to retire from the race. Unfortunately we missed the split which became the front group of 10 riders, losing over 1 minute.

Stage 2 15km ind TT.

The plan was for Liam to ride the TT hard in the hope he could claw his way back into the top 10 overall by the end of stage 3. Joe, charlie and Tim would ride the TT very steadily in order to save their legs for the next stage. Liam rode a respectable TT, finishing 7th.

Stage 3 100km.

The plan was for Joe and Liam to make the front group, helped by Charlie and Tim. Joe would ride to win the stage and Liam would aim to move up on GC. The front group formed of 15 riders formed and Joe and Liam were there. I moments lapse in concentration from Joe and Liam saw Charlie Tanfield of Brother NRG slip away on the main decent. There was not enough will in the group to chase and it quickly became apparent that Joe would be riding for 2nd place. Joe put in a couple of soft attacks early on the final climb to put the group under pressure then hit the group hard and rode clear to take 2nd place, Liam 12th and Charlie 15th. Liam rode well and moved up to 10th overall.

A few mistakes made, but also some good team work to make amends.

*photo credit PCS Photography.