Yesterday was tough.

Jake executed his part of the plan perfectly, going up the road early, giving Joe the chance to come across in a chase group without having to work. Jake was away with 3 riders, 2 KTM.

Joe bridged a 1 minute gap solo to the front group on the uphill section of the course, only to be taken off the back by a couple of riders refusing to work as Joe was on his limit after his chase across.This left Jake alone in the now 12 strong group.

 Joe chased. but without enough strong,willing riders he had no chance of making it to the front.

Joey Walker of Wiggins attacked as Jake was boxed in, Jake and 1 or 2 riders reacted, but with too many riders looking for a free ride and content to ride for 2nd place Joey went on to win.

Jake vented his frustration by chasing hard and putting the others under pressure. Jake finished 6th.

It was a disappointing day, but it’s all valuable experience.