The Lincoln GP is one of the most prestigious races in the U.K. 13 times up the cobbled climb of Michealgate in the town centre and the intensity of the rest of the circuit also make it one of the toughest and most fiercely raced. The race always starts with a bang and the pace is high from km 0.

Charlie and Tim lost contact with the front group after 100km, which we were happy with for 2 of our young riders. Inside the final 20 km the break was reeled in and the pace went up, set by the UCI teams in an effort to control the race until the final few km’s. Liam was caught behind a nasty crash, unhurt but leaving him with a hard chase back to the front group. the big teams rode hard and drove their leadout trains to the foot of the final climb making it near impossible to get near the front.

Joe, Jake and Liam were 30th, 31st, 37th respectively. We had hoped to get 2 guys in the top 20, but it had been brutally fast and controlled. We were satisfied with how we had ridden.