We recently did a photoshoot with Mazda UK in the Peak District showcasing the brilliant Mazda 6 Tourer they support the team with, and to shine a light on the support of the team. Burrows Mazda and Mazda UK have supported us for 8 years, and the partnership has gone from strength to strength. Mazda UK and Burrows Mazda see the team as a great way to showcase the Mazda 6 Tourer, and also see viable ROI in the growing community engagement CYCLING SHEFFIELD has.

This year CYCLING SHEFFIELD has become involved with Sheffield Youth Cycling Club, a new cycling club for riders under 16 yrs, supporting the club with coaching and advice on racing and development.

We are busy preparing for 2022, and the ongoing support of Burrows Mazda & Mazda UK is invaluable to us.

Visit Mazda online here.