Our rider James Mckay put a little piece together after our recent social ride from our partners in Kelham Island Pina. Thanks James.

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting bike racing on hold in the UK, Cycling Sheffield have found alternatives to provide value for sponsors and opportunities to engage with the local community.


Nestled on Harvest Lane in Kelham Island, the Mexican bar Pina has been a proud supporter of the team for over a year now. After the change in regulations to allow groups of six to meet outside, CS teamed up with Pina to organise an event bringing people together to celebrate the outdoors and good cuisine: The Cycling Sheffield x Pina rides were back!


A brave band of cyclists braved the chilly morning; a refreshing range of ages, bicycles and fitness levels. Fueled up on café con leche and churros, the bunch was broken into groups of six to head out on the road. Joe Cribley the owner of Pina led the route, along with riders of the team in each of the groups. Bringing up the rear was the Mazda team car under the trusty eyes of directeur sportif Dave Coulson.


All of the riders soon warmed up as they climbed onto the Strines and took in the gorgeous scenery that is so close to home in Sheffield. I was keeping one lad company at the back. He was a little slower than some of the others, but to be fair he was laden with a rucksack, pannier rack, wearing trainers and a puffa jacket. Joe generously offered to take his bag, and we made a team effort to get over the rudely steep gradients which we encountered on the roads.


Back at Pina my new friend confessed to me with a sheepish grin that “this wasn’t really him”. Fitness wasn’t something he had been into much, but over lockdown he’d taken up running and cycling. He was even going hiking in the peaks that afternoon; hence the rucksack. It was full with his boots and sarnies! Fortunately the staff at Pina were on hand with extra sustenance to fuel his epic duathlon. Burritos, nachos and beer were enjoyed by all, a suitable reward after the spicy climbs conquered that morning.


It was great to be part of an event that so obviously provided fun for all attendees. Bike rides and food are things better shared with others. After being isolated for months of miserable weather, there has never been a better time to meet for a brew and enjoy the great outdoors.


The next week I was out on my bike when I recognised a friendly face in a tell-tale puffa jacket descending the same hills by High Bradfield. His grin said it all; he was hungry for more.