This race is the longest National B race in the UK, at 173km. It is something of a classic and was first held in the 1950’s.

The race was a long, hot, tough day for Joe. Charlie and Jake eneded their race after not making the break.

Joe was in the lead group of 15. Several good teams were represented, including Wiggins, Richardson Trek, Spirit, Sigma Nunn, whilst One Pro and Madison had missed the move.            The circuit featured one tough climb which crested 4km from the finish.

By the final 15km, the break had shrunk to 10 riders. 2 riders had attacked 3km before the climb and pulled out a gap of 40 seconds.

With no consistent chase from the group, it looked like Joe’s only option was to go all out on the final climb to try to catch the leading 2 riders,

Joe split the group,dropping 3 riders, but it proved too little too late.

The lead 2 riders went to the finish and Joe came in sprinting for 3rd, Joe was 5th. Another very solid race for Joe.